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Presentation of ‘Lectures Plurielles’ and ‘LVH’ (Lecture à Voix Haute)

Be quiet... don't read, just listen!

On Friday 28th January 2022 in Lycée Louis Lachenal, we met four people from LVH (reading out loud*) of the association Lectures Plurielles, with our class, Mrs Joly, our French teacher and Mrs Hostingue, our librarian.
The group of readers presented their association, they read books for blind* people and people who can't read. They read novels* of different types, but only first novels. The association Lectures plurielles is in Chambéry and all over the world, for example in the USA and Europe.
They read out loud for us an extract of Augustin, a novel written by Alexandre Duyck, to make us feel like* reading the book or other novels. Each of them* read with emotion and intonation. It was really interesting.
Finally we spent a very good time with them and had a good coffee break too. :D
We hope to meet them again in May in Chambery for the Festival du premier roman “Festival of First Novels”.

* Blind = aveugle *Novel = un roman *Feel like = donner envie de
*Out loud = à haute voix *Each of them = chacun d'eux

Website of the association :

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